Global Warming
With a weaker El Nino in 2010 than in 1998, we managed to reach about the same global average temperature as 1998:

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The warming measured by satellite shown above is about 0.13 per decade. Whether that becomes 1.3 degrees C over the next century is debatable. Some scientists and their models say it will, but those models don't model weather. Weather will determine whether the slight warming from CO2 is amplified or not. It is debatable whether 1.3C (more warmth) will be "catastrophic" in some way.

Note on the graph that there was more warming around 1998. That is the climax of 1997-1998 El Nino that released a lot of heat into the atmosphere. The period of strong El Ninos (80's and 90's) now appears to be over and temperatures seem to be levelling off.